Professor Eval SideShow
The Effect is

He makes a meal out of flaming torches!!
He forces a meat thermometer, a screwdriver and 2, count 'em 2, icepicks into his nose!!
He extinguishes a burning cigar by snuffing it out on his tongue!!
He strolls across jagged broken bottles in his bare feet!!
He rams a solid sword blade down his throat!!
He throws his hand into an animal trap and has the jaws spring shut on his fingers!!
He hammers a huge nail into his nose!!
He escapes from a straitjacket and 50' of chain!!
He skewers himself with metal spokes!!
He invites audience members to staple money to his bare skin!!
He takes an innocent balloon and demonstrates an astounding principle of anatomy!!
He lies on a bed of nails while a cinder block is broken over his chest!!

All of these possible
impossibilities are wrapped up with a cutting
edge sense of humor and proves that

Professor Eval
is truly a SideShow Wonder